Police Departments Operation Methods

Police Departments Operation Methods reviewing a police departments operation and reflecting whether or not they make a good PD according to experts.

Police Departments Operation Methods
Police Departments Operation Methods

Complete a term project that consists of visiting a police department and reviewing its

operation. Visit the PD, ask questions pertaining their operations and experiences then write a paper reflecting the PD’s operation methods. Research must also be a component of this project in order to compare what the “experts” determine makes a good police department to the results of your visitation. This can be accomplished by using Police Administration or Police Operations textbooks.

I already visited NYC PD, and asked a few questions. this is what I gathered:

New York city police:

Department total has about 4,000 men working, about 1200 cops patrolling

Lots of female and minorities, better for community policing.

Scheduling rotation: Week of days, week of nights, week of midnights, then every three weeks 3 days off so rotation starts on a different day of the week.

What they most look for in Applicants: go to school,also go searching in low income neighborhoods for diversity.

Thing that sticks most in their mind: death notification, telling loved ones they passed away always stays on their mind for a long time.

Craziest experience on call: high speed chase in which the suspect was accused of armed robbery then fled the scene and the PD went on a wild goose hunt

Thing that should be changed within the agency: Favoritism: good scheduling to those who were favorited, etc.

Why he became an officer: not like everyone else; because financial: 20 years so he could retire. Collect that pension

Would do it all again, diff today because of how hectic the world is but no regrets

It is a Civil service agency

Believes you don’t need to live in the district, easier when u dont live in the district so you don’t have to live where you work, can be annoying for the rest of the family and even dangerous in some cases.

Just practice good community policing to interact with the public a lot so they can feel like they trust you and not hate you.

He is Not crazy about tasers because causes problems, if they see the taser, they will become more hostile and you risk a gun fight/injuring someone

Proudest moment: when he was in charge of drug interdiction program, searching cars for drugs, he had the chance to take take young troopers to do it,teaching them how to talk to people, get consent to search car etc.

Organization: Recruit, trooper, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major,

If u wanna be a trooper Bci- investigator-senior invest,

Body cameras a plus because you get all the evidence you need no problems of police brutality or misconduct etc.

They Practice community policing to avoid hostile work environments. The better you are with them the safer they feel.

Crime rate: 1111.9 per 100,000 residents, most crimes being grand larceny

Current economics affect policing today a lot

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