Portfolio Cover Letter Assignment Paper

Portfolio Cover Letter
Portfolio Cover Letter

Portfolio Cover Letter

There are two assignments

1.Portfolio Cover Letter Discussion
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“Rethinking Genres of Reflection: Student Portfolio Cover Letters and the Narrative of Progress”Preview the document by Kimberly Emmons (10 pages)

Portfolio Cover Letter Discussion
Write here about what you learned from Emmons’ article about what to do in your own cover letter as well as guidelines of what your fellow students should do as they start to put together the portfolio. Are there any questions or concerns that you have from reading the article that you aren’t clear about in your own final portfolio?

2.RIP Evidence
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Select and annotate at least two sources related to your RIP (note, for this exercise these need to be new sources, not sources from your RA). Make sure to cite it in your reply using MLA citation standards. Annotate it in 3-4 sentences below the citation. If you have time, do more than two!

Taken directly from PAGE 242: AGWR:

Annotate Your Sources and Create an Annotated

After you’ve evaluated a source and determined that you will find it useful for your project, write an annotation of the source. An annotation refines
the information you put together in the source evaluation and re-frames it by both summarizing the source and articulating how you are using it for your
own argumentative purposes.

• Who are the author and publisher? What authority does the author have on this topic, and what is the publisher’s purpose in publishing this information?

• What is the genre of the source? How does the genre influence how you will use the source and the information it gives you?

• What kinds of evidence does the source draw on? What genres of sources does it use?

• When was the source published? Is this information current, a useful historical artifact, or simply out-of-date?

• How is the source relevant to your project and does it help to illustrate the importance and current urgency of my topic or my central problem?

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