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I have numbered the posts 1-2-3-4-5-6 Can you please write at least 100 words or little over relevant content to these posts in your with own words. If you
find any research with references and citations, it will be great also. These are discussion post , perhaps you do not need to answer each line just follow
important context from the post to make comments, your own thoughts, own knowledge and probing question that move the conversation forward. Thanks!!!
(1) The threats to internal validity are ?experimental procedures, treatments, or experience of the participants threaten the researcher?s ability to draw
correct inferences from the data in an experiment, changing the control group participants under the study (Moskal & Lydens, 2014, p. 352).? This can be
a threat from the information collected and the tools to collect it. The external validity threatens the experience when the researcher determines that has
been implications from the sample data to other people. A statistical threat happens when the researcher gets inaccurate conclusions from the data because of
a disruption in the statistical test being used for collected data.
(2)Reliability is the capacity of individual researchers to arrive at like deductions employing similar experimental strategies or contributors in an
investigation to time and again generate the identical measurement. Validity is the capacity of a tool to determine what it is expected to determine.
Internal validity is the accuracy of the research and how well it was created and managed. External validity is the research’s capacity to have the findings
simplified to the specific group. This can be done by randomizing the selection, use selective techniques such as stratified or snowball sampling (Lowhorn,
(3) Validity in quantitative research is the measure of how well the research represents the concept it is measuring (Roberts, Priest and Traynor,2016). It
is an important measure as the sample of participants needs to represent an entire population of people not just those in the study. The results need to be
applicable to more than just those in the study to make the study worthwhile for evidence based practice.
(4) It is important to protect the integrity (or validity) of a study so it can be used as evidenced based practice. It is important to solve problems ahead
of time with a plan that considers the ?recruiting practice, collecting data in a consistent way, and maintaining research controls according to the study
design? in order for the research to not be delayed or threatened.
(5) If either reliability or validity is not achieved in qualitative research, evidence-based practice cannot be used whether is it because of bias or
research design. The reason being that if the results are
questionable they cannot be used as support for evidence based practice.
(6) Qualitative research explains an occurrence in its normal surroundings. It is a subjective method to inspect life as it exists as well as an effort to
justify the research findings behavior. Anthropological and ethnographic approaches are used for research. Qualitative research strives to make clear an
existing condition and only explains that condition for that specific population. This is done in the field except for a focus type group. It also strives to
come up with a theory that clarifies the observed behavior (Lowhorn, 2017). Reliability is the capacity to replicate the outcomes. Internal validity is
instinctively determined because the group acts as its own point of reference. External validity is not found in the customary way. Validity for qualitative
research is rigorous, credible, and trustworthy (Lowhorn, 2017).

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