Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology

Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology This project is intended to give you an opportunity to explore and investigate a topic of your interest.

Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology
Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology

What you will submit for this project is a Power Point presentation, approximately 30 minutes in length (about 30 slides), which is worth 15% of your total grade for the class.
1.To start, think about a topic that has always interested you, whether as a matter of curiosity or importance. Chances are that you can convincingly relate your topic to one of the issues that are discussed in our textbook or to a topic in the realm of cognitive psychology.

Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology Example

For example, if anyone you know has a certain cognitive impairment (ex. color blindness), this would make for an excellent choice of topic to investigate. Other sources to tap into for a good topic are: our textbook, suggested web links for each chapter, CogLab, Internet, and the UCF library data bases.
2.Once you decide on a topic, I want you to go to the UCF library website and search for at least 2 or 3 peer reviewed articles related to your topic. I suggest “Web of Sciences” or “PsychInfo“.
3.These articles provide a reliable source of knowledge related to your topic. You will learn what is currently known about your topic, what others know, and what remains to be further studied. You can also visit the articles referenced in the articles you find for more information.
4.You can incorporate all that you find in your Power Point presentation.
5.Another effective idea that students have used in the past is to include, in the power point, links (not the actual video) to relevant video clips or useful sites that you might find on the Internet to help better communicate your information.

Power Point Presentation Cognitive Psychology Slides and Project Topic

6.For each slide in power point, there is a notes section at the bottom. Please type in the notes section for each slide, what you would say if you were giving your presentation live to an audience.
7.I have created a “Project Topic” in the discussion board where you can discuss your topics with others in the class. There, you can ask for suggestions, give suggestions, critique, share useful sites and resources, etc.
8.When you are done, you must submit you power point file (your name should appear on the file name) on the assignment tab before the deadline (see course schedule).
9. As you can see, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the topic and the mode of communication. My goal for the project is to motivate you and to engage you in learning more about a topic that is of interest and importance to you and give you an opportunity to share your findings with others.

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