Primer of paint Research Paper Assignment

Primer of paint
Primer of paint

Primer of paint

Think of the primer as you would think of a primer of paint. The Primer must be applied first in order to create a bright composition. Technically speaking, the first coat of primer is your title. A title should be both creative and connect in some way to the aim of your essay. It can be slightly illusive, depending on the type of essay you are writing. The primer is also your introduction. Here, your writing must always be lively, perhaps even illusive. It should build curiosity. You must grab hold of your reader’s attention quickly and keep them reading. The Primer is a great opportunity for you to incorporate a personal story full of pathos—or a historical parallel full of kairos—or you may wish to write in a fashion that puts the reader in the scene . . . for example: “You are in line at the grocery store. You’ve been going to the grocery store for years, but today, something is different.” Here, too, you can establish rapport with the reader (ethos) by using a more conversational style.


Explain the topic of your essay; provide background information about the topic. You must help the reader land on his / her feet. You must. You have gained the reader’s attention with the Primer, now you must tell them why you gained their attention. Paint a picture for the reader. The reader wants to know “what’s in it for me?” You must put yourself in the reader’s seat and quench their thirst for understanding. Tell them what the essay’s about.


Otherwise known as a thesis statement. The Point is the aim of your essay, specifically. What do you want to accomplish with your essay? Why did you write it? Your aim should be plainly revealed to the reader. Ask yourself: “what’s the readergetting out of this?”


Method of discussion. Tell the reader by which means of organization you plan to discuss your points and sub-points. Readers want to know what to expect. Readers don’t like essays with tricks and gimmicks. There is plenty of that to be found elsewhere in life. In an essay, a reader expects to learn things. They expect to be challenged. Never underestimate your reader. We like to watch previews before we go to the movies. Preview the essay, too.


Your sources, your proofs. Here is where your investigative research comes rallying to fight for you. This is where expert quotes from primary (this is the ideal source for Intel) or insight from secondary resources, all of which strengthen your Point, your aim, are strategically placed. TRI(T)-composed paragraphs work especially well in this section. TRI(T) paragraphs help you to stay in control of your sources; they also work well in the


Counterarguments. To be a true rhetorician, you must allow for confrontation—yes, in your own writing! You must allow the “other side” of your topic to fight against you, but only long enough for you to crush them all. Sometimes, you can flip-flop the order of Intel and Confrontation; it all depends on your topic, and your style.


In the Confrontation section you have purposefully set up arguments against you, but only so you can refute them (prove them wrong). Be especially careful here, as it is easy to lose control, which would weaken your aim. This, know. You must fully obliterate the opposition.


As a writer of a persuasive essay, you are also the leader of your topic. You have done a lot of work building upon the aim of your topic; you have made your point; but now what? Every day we hear conversations in which people speak about how terrible something is; rarely do we hear any proposed solution. Solutions take a create deal of critical thinking. Your proposed solution need not be lengthy, nor does it need to be jammed with statistics. It should be logical and genuine. It can be a simple suggestion, or, it could be a groundbreaking theory.


Summation and linkage. Remember the field view from the Tagmemic Discovery Matrix? This is where to use it. Here, you must reemphasize your major point(s). Similar to your Primer, you must incorporate a pathos-driven narrative, conversational in tone, which speaks to the larger picture. Here is where you leave the reader—but only from the physical page. Your ideas, your ingredients—which have already transported your reader into unknown territory—should remain to marinate in your reader’s mind. Therefore, you do not conclude, you adjourn.

If a woman is going to lead, she will have to overcome some major obstacles, probably including one or two old white dudes and a few other women with the same bright idea. Outrage alone is not going to produce another Year of the Woman. One woman will need to have ample reservoirs of charisma and guile in order to crush her opposition. And any man with a burning presidential ambition who wishes to prevent that from happening will have to, in perhaps cruel irony, prove beyond a doubt his feminist bona fides.

Democratically elected women who were not incumbents, and who happen to be more than two-and-a-half times have a high likelihood to be in House races as opposed to Republican non-incumbent women, where their chances are toss-up or better. This is based on an NPR analysis of candidate data from race ratings and Daily Kos from Cook Political Report. A huge number of woman managed to run for various office positions and were able to be nominated for office this year (Liz, 2017). Among the various office positions which they vied for include, senate, House, governor candidates as well as the state legislature and a huge majority of these women candidates were all democrats.

The same indicate that among those women who are still in various political races, democrat women stand a good chance of being elected as we approach Election Day. As things stand, it is not a surprise that non-incumbents are likely to face a tough battle of being elected particularly when they will be going against the sitting members of Congress who in most instances, boast of having fundraising advantages and have a name recognition.

Evidently, with this new wave of women getting various chances in the political arena, it goes to show that changes in political representation will be enormous. Fundamentally, women were able to claim huge victories particularly on a Tuesday night that marked a significant number of firsts and may as well signal the beginning of a mammoth change specifically for women in the world of politics (Karen, 2018). Essentially, the sheer volume of women candidates being able to achieve much politically was no doubt surprising to many if not all. This was so primarily because these women were running against well-established politicians, needless to mention that they were incumbents who were historically used of winning re-election in almost all the times. But that changed this time around especially during this year’s midterm elections. Incumbents particularly in Virginia, Georgia and New Jersey all ended up losing their various seats to women.

A number of cities managed to elect their first female mayor on in unusual case of Seattle, it is the very first time in almost a century (Karen, 2018). It is worth mentioning that women managed to be elected to the mayor’s positions for the very first time in Manchester, N.H. and newton. This is not all that can be expected from the women election as more is still yet to come. This because Atlanta which for a very long period of time, has only managed to have one mayor as well as New Orleans which in its longest history, has never elected or had a female mayor, will soon be holding a mayoral runoff election which will feature both female candidates.

With regards to local level politics, the first cities or counties to elect women include Nassau County, N.Y., which has elected its first woman executive. Additionally, in Boise as well as Boston, Idaho, voters have been able to elect enough women that their respective city councils will moving forward be either majority or close to the majority female particularly for the very first time in their longest history. At the state level, it is important to note that women particularly in Georgia, Washington and Virginia managed to claim Victory in open legislative seats. These seats were formally held by men. Women politicians had to outright defeat male incumbents in order to realize or make any meaningful gains with regards to state-level representation.

In Virginia, for instance, women spearheaded the surge when they managed to take 11 of 16 seats held by Republicans in the House (Liz, 2017). Beginning next year, the chamber will be expected to have a minimum of 28 of women who will be serving. With any scope of imagination, that figure is undoubtedly a record high which is an increment of more than a half. Rashida Tlaib as well as IIhan Omar, were among the first women Muslim to get an election victory to Congress immediately after having won their respective House races. Consequently, Ms. Omar will be the first Somali-America given the mandate by the electorates to serve in Congress. She has and continues to call for gun control, a reasonable pathway specifically to citizenship for those immigrants who are not properly documented and a single-payer health care. Ms. Tlaib, who is a Palestinian-American attorney on the other hand, has continued to advocate for Medicare for all, abolishment of the federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as $15 minimum wage. In her victory speech Ms. Omar in her victory speech said, “I stand here before you tonight, as your congresswoman-elect with many firsts behind my name…”

Consequently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman to be elected to Congress at the age of 29. As it was for the case of Ms. Pressley, she was able to defeat a white male incumbent who before the just concluded election, had been in the office for a long period of time particularly in a Democratic primary (Liz, 2017). Prior to the election, she had never held any elected office yet she managed to attract and convince a huge support with the help of a more determined left-wing platform. Up against her little known Republican rival, she was able to win with close to 78 percent of the total vote. She told her supporters after winning that, “We made history tonight.”


Liz-Farmer,   (2017) Election 2017 Was a Historic Night for Women,

Karen Zraick, (2018) Night of Firsts: Diverse Candidates Make History in Midterm Elections,

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