Principle of sex therapy Essay Assignment

Principle of sex therapy
Principle of sex therapy

Principle of sex therapy

To complete this assignment, you will be a) finding and selecting a scholarly journal article, and b) writing a paper.

In your paper include the following:

a. In the top left corner put your full name, FCS 444, Scholarly Journal Article Review, and the date

Principle of sex therapy

Write sections b – e below in full-sentence paragraph format.

b. The title of the article, full names of author(s), and publisher
c. Description of the study conducted.

This includes not only the findings but their research question (what they attempted to discover), variables (what elements they observed), participants (who they studied), methodology (how they went about their research), and findings (their conclusion).

Principle of sex therapy

This material will be presented differently depending upon whether the research was quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, meta-analysis, etc.
d. How this study adds to the field of sexology (the study of sex)
e. Your personal reaction to the study
f. Upload your peer-reviewed scholarly journal article (in pdf format) in the discussion forum located in Canvas.

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