Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique

Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique Essay Guideline
In the selected article for your critique, Pimlott argues that “we need to pay closer attention to the ephemeral print media forms of flyers, leaflets and
pamphlets” (p. 527) as they serve their purpose in that particular form.

Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique
Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique

However, electronic content also serves their purpose in communicating information on a global scale.
Libraries, Archives, and Special Collections are limited in physical and virtual space. In a world where digital information is created at a rapid rate,
should we be more mindful of collecting and preserving digital born objects? Or should we continue to collect only print materials? Select one print item from the Special Collections & Archives (SCA) of U of T Kelly Library or Archives visit to study in more detail, and one digital item to support your discussion. A comparison of similar items (ex. diary vs. blog) would strengthen your discussion. You must also provide the following:
– Historical background on each form, as well as historical information about the items.
– A discussion on how the items are relevant to the Kelly Library’s Rare Book Collection and how they fit into the Books and Media Studies program.
– Determine which item would require more resources. What are the challenges with preserving each item?

Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique Paper Format

The format of your paper should be as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Literature Review
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion
6. References/Works Cited
Writing Guidelines:
– Length of the essay: 13 pages double spaced
– Citations: MLA (addition to the 13 pages)
– Font: Times New Roman 12 point
– You must write formally (no slang, acronyms, or the use of “I”)
– Your sources must be scholarly articles or books. You are not allowed to cite or use Wikipedia or websites or web pages in your paper.
– You must use 8-10 scholarly articles or books. Readings from the course do not count towards the minimum requirement. Websites or webpages do not count.
– no plagiarism!
– Don’t leave space for title, name, date, etc.

Print vs Digital Media Selected Article for Critique Research Reflection

Reflect on your research experience for your paper in this course. Discuss the initial steps of your research process and reflect on your practice, the
resources you used, and whether you would repeat or change any steps along the way. You will be evaluated on your ability to reflect on your actions and your
suggestions for future research steps, as well as grammar and spelling.
Writing Guidelines:
– You may use “I”
– If you are including citations, it should MLA
– Font in Times New Roman (12 point)
– 2 pages double-spaced
– The paper must be in an essay format and in sentences.

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