Problem Documentation and Literature Review

Problem Documentation and Literature Review
Problem Documentation and Literature Review

Problem Documentation and Literature Review

Problem Documentation and Literature Review

Complete Section Two: Problem Documentation and Literature Review of your Action Research Proposal.

Write a 3 to 5 page paper that includes the following information:
Problem Documentation
ï Briefly restate the problem (2-4 sentences). The problem is…
ï Obtain information (such as grades, test scores or other measurable data) to verify that a problem exists at your site and to clarify the nature of the problem.
ï Create and include a sample 10 item survey (such as a 5 Point Liker Scale survey) with questions or information that would assist you with gathering data for your research.
ï Indicate the group(s) that would be surveyed, a brief rationale for surveying each group, the major elements of the problem that you want to explore and verify.
Literature Review (Use the format/template provided in the ARP Guidelines/Instructions)
ï Conduct a literature review summarizing important research relevant to the problem and demonstrating a current understanding of the topic.
ï You should include at least 7 sources for your literature review.
ï Consider peer-reviewed professional journal articles and sources dating no earlier than 10 years from the current year.
Research Questions (1-3 questions- see my tips in the Class Message section on writing research questions)
ï Question(s) should align to the purpose of the project
ï Question(s) should align to what your literature review reveals about the problem
ï Question(s) should be narrowly focused, researchable, and can be answered with data
This is a paper and should be written using APA format. Include pagination, a title page, an introduction and a conclusion. Use transition sentences to introduce each new section. Do not simply put the literature review and research questions in the paper without preparing the reader for what they are about to read.

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