Process Analysis of A Real Conflict

Process Analysis of A Real Conflict
Process Analysis of A Real Conflict

Process Analysis of A Real Conflict

The Assignment in the module requires prior planning, please review as soon as possible.

In your textbook, please review and complete the Assignment 5A: Process Analysis of A Real Conflict (p. 214-215). The focus of the assignment is not the analysis of the pros and cons of each position, but rather the approach, skills, and strategies used by the “facilitator” in relation to the process and challenges raised during the interaction.

This assignment has five key parts, totaling 100 points. Please include the headings below to organize your work.Excluding cover page and reference list, this assignment should be at least 5 pages.

When completing this assignment, please specifically address the sub-questions for each of the main sections below, see detailed textbook instructions on page 215.

  • Introduction (30 points)
  • Conflicts (20 points)
  • Challenges (10 points)
  • Alternatives (30 points)
  • Summary/conclusions (10 points)

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