Product advertising and institutional advertising

Product advertising and institutional advertising
Product advertising and institutional advertising

Product advertising and institutional advertising

a. Explain the differences between product advertising and institutional advertising. Include the variations of each type in your response.

b. Define social media and provide examples of how companies develop advertisements online.
Discussion 7 (300 words)

Why would a company be concerned about global marketing? What are some examples of global marketing strategies? What happens when global marketing does not work? What are the results for the company? Refer to the resources in the Task and Lesson sections.
Discussion 8 (300 words)

a. Explain the differences between legal and ethical behavior in marketing. Identify factors that influence ethical and unethical marketing decisions.

b. What do you think about companies incorporating social issues within their agenda? Do you think it is possible to be genuinely concerned about a social cause while trying to make a profit?
Discussion 9 (300 words)

Address one of the following learning outcomes below and describe how you were able to demonstrate the outcome within the course. Provide specific examples referencing submitted work, class activities, and Moodle resources:

  1. Describe the importance of marketing principles and concepts and its applicability in actual marketing management practice and digital age.
  2. Explain the use of advertising techniques to meet the needs of the target markets.
  3. Write a comprehensive marketing research and analysis with emphasis on organizational personalities and demographics.
  4. Describe brand strategy and managing brand equity in relation to market segmentation, target marketing and market positioning.
  5. Explain consumer behavior and profiles.
  6. Distinguish strategies and tactics that firms are applying in order to prosper in today’s high-tech environment.
  7. Describe global marketing with focuses on global market considerations.
  8. Explain marketing ethics, environmentalism, and social responsibility and how companies maximize profits while helping to protect the environment.

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