Professional Business Report Written Assignment

Professional Business Report Written Assignment Written Assignment: Each student writes a seven – nine (7-9) page professional report with at least two graphics (tables or graphs preferred).

Professional Business Report Written Assignment
Professional Business Report Written Assignment

You will need to discuss the background of the parties, identify problems, analyze alternatives, and recommend corrective actions (if required for report type). The written report requires primary and secondary research. The two most appropriate types of primary research are interviews and/or surveys. Use a formal, third-person writing style (i.e., professional language, no contractions, no personal pronouns, no personal references to the group or group processes), including appropriate formatting, headings, margins, and in-text citations. Use APA style. The standard convention is margins of 1-1.25 in; 11-12 point TNR font; Left justified.

Professional Business Report Written Assignment

Contents for the Report [Draft should be as complete as possible–concentrate on the body of the report. Drafts that do not have both in-text citations and reference page will not be accepted]:

ï Coversheet

ï Letter of Transmittal

ï Table of Contents & List of Figures

ï Executive Summary

ï First page of report and remainder of the body of report (7-9 pages, including two graphics of 1/3 page size)

ï References

ï Appendices (Surveys and/or interviews–If Used) [This will be in the final report only]

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