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The dataset “GSSvocab” from the package “carData” in R is from the General Social Survey (GSS) from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) of the University of Chicago. Your assignment is two parts: write up a script to answer the questions; write a word document report (complete with all relevant figures and tables) to provide a decision as if you were presenting this as a stand-alone document to a superior.

Suppose you work for an educational testing program; your boss wishes to understand how gender, age, education, and year of testing effects the vocabulary score of the students you have tested. It will be your job to present the findings from your analysis and decide whether or not there exists a relationship between these variables AND to predict the vocabulary score for the students in 2020 based upon your model.

Fulfill the following steps at a MINIMUM to answer the question:

Run the following code to get the data:



(data <- GSSvocab)


Find an interesting relationship to look at graphically; include a grouping variable for gender so that you are able to compare the groups in a meaningful way.

Develop a linear model with more than one predictor that is suggested by your boss.

Examine if this is the best model depending upon your data set.

Determine if there is a difference between male and female test takers.

Predict for a future student based on the model that you think most accurately develops the relationship you have identified.

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