Project Management Maturity Model

Project Management Maturity Model Learning curve theory represents the application of experience to improved project success.

Project Management Maturity Model
Project Management Maturity Model

This idea of improvement is embodied in the Project Management Maturity Model (PMMM), a growing concern of project organizations. We need to optimize our project efforts, and a maturity model is an effective tool to this end. Assume you are in the role of a project leader helping in this pre-defined scenario; create an action plan for the scenario below.
ADC is a Colorado-based logistics company that engages in consulting projects to share their expertise with organizations in need of logistic solutions. They have completed three sequential projects for customers. Their success is leading to additional opportunities, and they expect to be dealing with managing two or more projects at the same time. They need to clearly understand their current level of project maturity and the steps that are needed to reach the next level.

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