Project management training Assignment

Project management training
Project management training

Project management training – lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

Assignment details
The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that students have developed an understanding and some relevant knowledge of the literature related to their
dissertation topic, as well as assessing their ability to: conduct a literature search, summarise and critically assess journal papers and apply their
literature findings to their own specific project. There are 4 sections to the assignment plus references. Please note that marks will not be given for any
content on pages exceeding the maximum number of pages stipulated for each section.
1. A working title, synopsis (including beneficiaries) and aim & objectives (1 page maximum, 15 marks)
2. Search strategy (1 page maximum, 10 marks)
3. Brief Literature Review (3 pages maximum, 60 marks)
4. Conclusions from the literature review, implications for your own project and next steps (1 page maximum, 15 marks)

Topic Outline:The business culture and environment of the twenty-first century is dynamic and unrelenting in its demands on modern project managers – their education is never completed. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement of all professions, so that practitioners continue to keep abreast of technical, legal and managerial advances in their chosen fields – the project manager is no exception.

Training has become a managerial science, in which training needs must be analysed, courses sourced and assessed, and training plans implemented. Training is delivered in a variety of mediums in a digital age, and the optimum formats will vary between individuals. However, variety is probably the spice of training life – with a wide range of formats completing a satisfactory training schedule.

There is rarely a substitute for the live event, where experts in specialist fields are deployed to stimulate and educate professional audiences. Such events
also allow for interaction, questions and answers, and networking between delegates. However, live events are invariably expensive in terms of course fees and the attendance time of delegates – dictating the need for other delivery formats, such as videos; webinars; and other interactive web-based resources.
Key Word: Training; CPD; Lifelong learning
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