Protecting our Earth Essay Assignment

Protecting our Earth
                   Protecting our Earth

Protecting our Earth

This paper needs to be an OUTLINE. I have a few topics but I’m going to narrow it down to littering and cutting down trees. In my proposal i am going to upload, use the sources I have listed. I will upload all of my work I have done so far. My professor has graded hard and I haven’t been confident in anything I have turned in. I am honestly not sure what the thesis statement is, so you can choose something from the paper to use.
I have also uploaded a sample outline the professor gave us.
Also attached is my research proposal where you will get the information.


From the professor:
At the very beginning of the outline, please attach–in bold type– your THESIS STATEMENT. It is the one statement that everything in the paper must reflect. The OUTLINE is the plan for everything! Once you have a strong outline, much of your work is done!

For this assignment, you are to prepare an outline of the major topics that you want to include in your project paper.

Gather your preliminary research. Look at your sources and categorize information according to topics related to your thesis.

Organize the topics into the most logical order for presenting information and make each category I,II,III, etc., in the outline.

Write at least 50 words under each category, summarizing the major findings from the literature.
Come up with at least three major arguments and/or points for your major headings. Label those A,B,C, etc.

Write at least 50 words describing the basis for each of your points and the sources that will support this.
Your outline should look like this:

I. Introduction – write 50 words

II. Main Argument 1 – write 50 words

A. Topic 1.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 1.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 1.3 – write 50 words

III. Main Argument 2 – write 50 words

A. Topic 2.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 2.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 2.3 – write 50 words

IV. Main Argument 3 – write 50 words

A. Topic 3.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 3.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 3.3 – write 50 words

V. Conclusion – Write 50 words


Comprehensive information included ___/30

Well-organized ___/10

Well-written, good grammar and mechanics___/10

Total ___/50

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