Psychology Book Summary Notes

Psychology Book Summary Notes  entire psychology book (250-350 pages) summarized in a specific way into 10-15 pages of SINGLE-SPACED notes. Psychology Book Summary Notes
It helps if you’re a psychology student, professor, or find interest in the psychology field. Psychology Book Summary Notes
These notes need to be written with the following specific mindset: “As a mental health professional,

Psychology Book Summary Notes
mental health professional

what can I learn from this book and use or teach my client in our next therapy session together?” Your goal is to extract the most practical ideas which can be helpful during sessions with a client.  Psychology Book Summary Notes So think of it less as a summary and more of finding practical ideas and actionable tips from a book in your own interpretation. Psychology Book Summary Notes
DO NOT WRITE THIS LIKE A RESEARCH PAPER. The tone needs to be similar to examples from this site: Psychology Book Summary Notes
DO NOT PLAGIARIZE and instead paraphrase important concepts. Plagiarism is also rearranging words that are closely related to source. Psychology Book Summary Notes You need to write original sentences. If you must use a juicy sentence then keep the quote to 2-3 sentences at a minimum. Please refer to these guidelines: and
YOU MUST: Use this before submitting to me: Psychology Book Summary Notes
On left upload original source being book and right your summary. Suspected must be 0% identical.
You’ll get more work if this is written well.
Project Type: Ongoing project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
In you’ll need to create a FREE account, that takes less than 20 seconds, so you can identify the TONE I need. Then, list one of your favorite books from Blinkist here. Psychology Book Summary Notes
Do you have experience with writing in American English? Psychology Book Summary Notes
Have you written before for the mental health industry?

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