Psychology of Movie or TV Show Critique

Psychology of Movie or TV Show Critique Define the topic and explain what I/O psychology tells us about the topic (e.g. how it should be performed, causes or effects, etc.).

Psychology of Movie or TV Show Critique
Psychology of Movie or TV Show Critique

Provide at least one example from the movie/tv show (i.e., describe scenes and/or provide dialogue) that exemplify this topic.
Explain whether the movie/tv show demonstrated the topic being utilized correctly or incorrectly and why.
If done incorrectly, explain how the characters in the movie/tv show or the movie/tv show writers could have shown the topic more accurately.
If done correctly (e.g., the movie/tv show demonstrates job stress resulting in employee dissatisfaction), explain how the characters in the movie/tv show could apply I/O principles relevant to the topic to improve employee performance, satisfaction and/or well-being.

Psychology of Movie or TV Show Critique Summary and Conclusion

*If you use information from any sources, you need to cite them appropriately and include a reference page. See Blackboard information about citations and references in APA style.
Sample Topics for Paper (Anything we covered in class or in the book is acceptable)
Research Methods in I/O Psychology
Job Analysis
Performance Appraisal
Employee Training
Employee Motivation
Goal Setting
Organizational Justice
Job Satisfaction
Organizational Commitment
Emotions at Work
Organizational Norms
Occupational Stress
Work-Family Conflict
Work Groups and teams
Social loafing
Leadership – Sources of Power
Abuse of Power
Organizational Development
Organizational Change
Theory X/Theory Y
Organizational Culture
Acceptable Movies/TV shows
Office Space (1999)
Gung-Ho (1986)
Antz (1998)
Twelve Angry Men (1957)
Veep (2012)
The Office (2001 or 2005 series)
Parks and Recreation (2009)

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