Psychos, Zombies, and American Culture

Psychos, Zombies, and American Culture
Psychos, Zombies, and American Culture

Psychos, Zombies, and American Culture

Psycho (1960) and Night of the Living Dead (1968) both suggest fears and anxieties derived from American culture at the time of their release. They also each provide complicated structures of identification. Choose one of these films and answer the following:

  1. Who do we identify with in the film? Does this change over the course of the film? How does this affect our experience of horror? [Make at least one direct reference to the reading: A Companion To the Horror Film Chapter 1]
  2. What does the film suggest about American cultural anxieties at the time of its release? How does character identification (question 1) contribute to or reflect these fears?

When referencing or directly quoting the reading, please provide the page number in parentheses as a citation. These papers do not require outside research. If feel you need historical or production information from an outside source, make a footnote and cite the author, title, and publication information or hyperlink to the page. Do not base your analysis on outside sources- your grade is determined by how well you independently apply the course content to the subject of your paper.

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