Public Administration Reflection and Analysis

Public Administration Reflection and Analysis Final Paper ? Reflection and analysis on your use of the you-viewpoint
3 pages, minimum, of content
Title page
Abstract (very brief?50 to 100 words)
Subject headings within the body of the paper
References listing (alphabetical listing of sources)
The current edition of the class text, Business Communication, by Krizan, Merrier, Logan, & Williams

Public Administration Reflection and Analysis
Business Communication

One online source (retrieved from an electronic database, like Proquest or Ebscohost.
# of direct quotations within the body of the paper: at least 3 (Use the sources to bolster or back up what you are saying)

Public Administration Reflection and Analysis Content of the Paper

Using your best Standard American English, in this paper, you will write a reflection on your use of the you-viewpoint within your own professional organization. You will both analyze and reflect on a you-viewpoint communication strategy that you have attempted to make use of in your workplace over the last several weeks (since you have been enrolled in this course).
Remember, first, to establish the context for your you-viewpoint attempt.
Paint a brief sketch, in your opening paragraph(s), of your organization
What the organization?s culture is
What the organization?s climate is
What your own department looks like
Who is there
What the roles and functions are
What the communication climate is (formal, informal?)
How communication takes place (orally, in writing, non-verbally?)
Communication mediums (in person, via phone, via email, or other?)
Next, define what is meant by the you-viewpoint (this would be a great place for a direct quotation from the class text) and what your understanding of the you-viewpoint is specific to your own professional context.

Public Administration Reflection and Analysis final Assignment

You will tell your reader what, specifically, you have attempted to communicate in a you-viewpoint way (whether it was orally or in writing) and analyze the outcome (was your attempt successful? How so? How was your success, or lack, thereof, observable and measurable?).
Keep in mind that this final assignment is asking you to account for something you have attempted to do successfully so that you are acting professionally on behalf of your organization?building goodwill and favorable relationships through clear, concise, professional you-viewpoint communication.

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