Public Law Advanced Blog Project

Public Law
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Public Law Advanced Blog Project


Write a 1000 word academic blog post commenting on the constitutional issues raised by any story appearing in the news since you started studying Public Law I (Advanced), i.e. after 26 September 2018.

The body of your blog post should (instead of references) make use of embedded hyperlinks to online sources. However, you should include a bibliography of up to five ‘works consulted’ at the end of your post, to indicate academic sources you have consulted as part of your research. The bibliography is not included in the word count.


To help you with the project, you will submit a ONE page summary of your intended blog post by Wednesday, 30 November 2018. This is not intended to be a draft, but rather an indication of the topic on which you want to write, the argument you want to make and the sources you intend to draw on.

If you see the attached file, that’s what I have to submit. It doesn’t count towards the essay. It’s you explain what you’ll be talking about, the name of the blog, and which resources you would use. That way, my teachers can give me further instruction and advice? It’s a blog so needs to be planned. It’s not an essay where you just write as you go along.

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