Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt

Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt This exercise gives you an opportunity to engage in some research, which is a key public relations activity, and to face some of the challenges a public relations practitioner is likely to meet when gathering facts.

Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt
Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt

To complete this exercise, first select any five questions from the list below. Then find and verify the answers from any sources you deem appropriate. Use at least two reliable sources. Finally, write a short paper (2-3 pages, double-spaced and typed) in which you: 1) provide a detailed answer for each question, 2) describe how you went about getting each answer, 3) explain how you verified the validity of each answer, and 4) provide a summary of what you learned from the exercise about gathering information.

Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. Who first used the term “public relations” and when? (Watch out – this one is trickier than it appears!)
2. List at least 5 different sources for reliable data on UAE statistics. How do you know these sources are reliable?
3. What is a Tarsier, and what does one look like? Be specific in the description, no pictures. What is special about them?
4. Is a power toothbrush more effective than a manual toothbrush?
5. What is the infant mortality rate in the UAE? How does it compare internationally?
6. What are the expected life spans of the average male and average female in the UAE?
7. Find 3 good blogs on PR. Describe in short what they cover and who their author is. What makes them so good?
Once you get the answers to your questions, reflect on your experience of gathering the information. Was it easy to get this information? What steps did you take to get it? What does the overall experience tell you about conducting research?
Format: Your report should begin with a brief introduction, then include a list of each question you chose to answer quoted verbatim. Your answer should appear immediately below each question. Summarize your experiences and what you learned about doing research at the end of the piece.

Public Relations Practitioner Scavenger Hunt Grading

Your grade will be based on 1) the accuracy and thoroughness of your answers, 2) your careful verification of the information (quality of sources, using multiple sources, etc.), 3) your depth of analysis and insights about the process of gathering information, and 4) the quality of your writing (including spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
Helpful Hint: The Web is only part of a well-designed research strategy. Don’t rely solely on it if you wish to maximize your points on this assignment

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