Pulmonary Disorders

Read the following scenarios and decide on management and treatment for each one. Include if you will recommend inpatient or outpatient treatment.

70 year old male brought in by family with lethargy, loss of appetite, and “sleeping a lot.” His BP is 96/50, pulse 97, respiratory rate 28, pulse ox 90% on RA. BUN is 24.
45 year old male with 40 pack year hx smoking, complaining of having a hard time catching his breath. BP is 142/92, pulse 84, RR 34, pulse ox 88% on 2L. BUN 16.
67 year old female from assisted living with c/o decreased appetite, headache, and confusion. BP 110/40, pulse 96, RR 30, pulse ox 92% on RA. BUN 28.

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