Quantum Computer Qubit Concept

Quantum Computer Qubit Concept

Summarize the concept of the Quantum Computer Qubit Concept and explain the concept of the Qubit as opposed to the traditional bit. Assess the viability of building one of contraptions and identify some of the main physical/engineering barriers that exist to building one of devices.

The Main Physical/Engineering Barriers of Quantum Computer Qubit Concept

Explain how a Molecular switch works and what the prospects for building a molecular computer that makes use of these switches.
Quantum Computer Qubit Concept

Explain how a laser diode functions and what advantages this device has for transmitting information through fiber optics.
This 8 minute video was produced in 2005. At the time it seemed outrageous. Watch the video and critically assess whether or not we are, in fact, moving in the direction the video suggests. Note, this is a serious issue and I expect a thoughtful response from you.
the video link: http://idorosen.com/mirrors/robinsloan.com/epic/ols-master.html

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