Radio station KPFA Essay Assignment Paper

Radio station KPFA
                               Radio station KPFA

Radio station KPFA

Your final is a research exercise involving the evaluation of data. In this case we are looking at validity.

You are required to listen to two disparate news sources of which one being radio station KPFA (sometimes known as Radio Free Berkeley). Find coverage of the same story on both and then fact check them. The advantage of using KPFA is that they frequently reference the source for the story that both reports rely upon.

Once you investigate the stories, you are to write up your findings on the validity of the two reports. Your write up should be in the following structure:

Introduction of the story and summary of the two reports.

Research conducted into the story and findings

Summary as to the validity of each story

Conclusion and recommendations for fact checking the news.

Finally, were you surprised by your finding?

Your paper should run 4 to 7 pages. Enjoy!

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