Real Estate Investment Report Assignment

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment report in word of 3500-4000 words as well as calculations in excel.


You are an investment surveyor at ‘UCEM Investments’, a boutique investment firm based in
Edinburgh, Scotland. Your day-to-day responsibilities include the management of several client investment portfolios for international investors.

As part of your remit you are responsible for the management of ‘The Athena’ portfolio, a mixed
portfolio of UK investments.

Your client on this portfolio, ‘Dreamcatcher Investments’, is based in Hong Kong. They are long-term investors and are generally risk averse regarding their real estate investments. As a result,
they generally acquire Core or Core Plus type investments.

Further details about the ‘Athena’ portfolio are available in Appendix 1.
Cash funds of approximately £50m have become available within ‘The Athena’ portfolio and your
client has instructed you to invest these funds directly into real estate. To this end you have just
received details from a broker on ‘Unit 5 Primrose Way Distribution Park, London’, an industrial
investment opportunity, which is currently available ‘off market’.

Summary details of this investment is in Appendix 2.
Your client also now wishes to launch a second mixed ‘green’ commercial property fund called ‘The
Poseidon’ portfolio. This fund will focus on socially responsible investment and offer direct exposure
to the German and French investment markets. Like ‘The Athena’ portfolio this portfolio will hold Core
and Core plus properties.© University College of Estate Management 2018 Page 3 of 12


You have been instructed by your client, ‘Dreamcatcher Investments’, to prepare a fully referenced client report giving recommendations and conclusions both on the performance of your client’s
existing investment portfolio (‘The Athena portfolio) and on the key considerations for the creation of a new specialist investment portfolio to be known as ‘The Poseidon’ portfolio.

For ‘The Athena’ portfolio you should report on:

  • the possible acquisition of Unit 5 Primrose Distribution Park. Prepare a discounted cash flow
    (DCF) appraisal on this property to determine whether your client should acquire it for the
    ‘Athena’ portfolio. Your appraisal should include sensitivity and probability risk analysis on
    this investment proposition.
  • the performance of the ‘Athena’ portfolio over the last seven years bench-marked against the
    in-house ‘All-property’ index.
  • recommendations on how to re-balance the portfolio in accordance with the new five years strategy.

For ‘The Poseidon’ portfolio you should report on:

  • how to create, manage and measure the performance of the new ‘Poseidon’ portfolio of Core
    German and French properties.
  • an investment strategy and a set of objectives for this fund. You are required to make all relevant assumptions explicit regarding the strategy and objectives.
  • a summary assessment that identifies the key trends currently affecting the funding market
    for real estate investments in France and Germany. Your assessment should make recommendations on funding options for your client.
  • a property search undertaken by you in the German and French commercial property investment markets in which you identify one ‘green’ commercial property investment currently ‘For sale’ that you believe would be a potentially suitable acquisition for the new portfolio.

Prepare a profile (10–15 points) on this property summarising the key characteristics of this investment and provide recommendations to your client on why it might be suitable for this fund. (You are not required to prepare a DCF model as part of your profiling of this investment opportunity).

Additional guidance

Reference List and Bibliography

  • You should include a reference list with at least 15 separate relevant and appropriate sources that
    you have written about and directly cited within your work.
  • A bibliography of uncited sources is not required.

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