Reconstruction after the Civil War Essay Paper

Reconstruction after the Civil War
Reconstruction after the Civil War

Reconstruction after the Civil War


  • Discuss how Reconstruction after the Civil War was. Was Reconstruction a success?
  • What do you think of W.E.B. DuBois’ critique of it?
  • What was the legacy of this failed civil rights
    movement for the African-American community?
  • How did it set the stage for the next one that
    did not hit critical mass until almost 100 years later?

Write an exam essay of at least six to seven double spaced 12 point New Times Roman font,
discussing your thoughts on these readings. You must use a minimum of three sources. You
may not collaborate with others.

If you cut and paste text, then quote, do not paraphrase with cut and paste as it tends to not
work well and may cause plagiarism allegations. Proper paraphrasing is best done by reading
text on one side of your screen and writing on the other one. If you need help ask a librarian. All
papers must be submitted on Canvas by the deadline and will be screened by Turnitin. No paper copies will be accepted.

Ignore the disclaimer, as this exam will weigh heavily on your final grade.
There are further instructions that will be sent to upon agreeing to do the assignment.

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