Reflection on Climate of Doubt Assignment Paper

Reflection on Climate of Doubt Assignment Paper Like Writing Assignment Guidelines Assignment II: Reflection on Climate of Doubt (PBS,     Frontline,  2012)

Reflection on Climate of Doubt Assignment Paper
Reflection on Climate of Doubt Assignment Paper

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Due: Tue, Apr 16, 11:59 pm

(Only essays submitted through Turnitin on my courses will be accepted.)  Objective

Write an essay that critically (and articulately) analyzes the Frontline documentary,

The climate of Doubt (, PBS, 2012). Present arguments     Addressing each side of the debate investigated by the film  (see below     for details), Making sure also to address broader societal (for example, ethical, religious, Socio-economic, legal,  etc.) Impacts.

Reflection on Climate of Doubt Assignment Paper Requirements & Guidelines

The submitted essay should address the topic in a focused, well-written, and

Carefully organized way. The essay should be at least 1.5 single-spaced   pages in

Length (excluding references, if these are included [see below]). Like any good

Essay, the paper should include an introduction with a clearly-stated thesis; body paragraphs

Supporting the thesis; a conclusion that summarizes the principal arguments made and reiterates the thesis. For full credit. The main positions of opposing sides should be clearly identified and discussed; *be            sure to include specific references to

The film.* ii. The scientific (and other) merits of opposing arguments should be carefully

Assessed to the best of your ability, drawing on            your general knowledge, as well

As on strategies and concepts we have discussed in class. Iii. Broader societal

Aspects of the controversy—for example, ethical, legal, socio-economic,    or political implications—should also be discussed. Iv. Present arguments supporting your own conclusion(s), based on the Assessment described in (ii). Spelling, grammar, clarity, style, and effectiveness of Argumentation will also be considered

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