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Reflective Essay Assignment
    Reflective Essay Assignment

Reflective Essay Assignment

What does it mean to reflect on something? What benefit does reflection offer us? Why would we think about our experiences and make meaning from them? How does that apply to our writing?

Explore your work, inform the reader, evaluate your growth, strengths and weaknesses.

Length 4 double spaced pages, APA or MLA, no research required

Explore your work, tell the reader what you did, introduce your major assignments.
This is what I have done: Problem solution essay (water pollution), informative essay (Chinese delivery), Evaluative essay (Hunger games)
Inform the reader about the specifics of your work and writing process, here is what I focused on and how I completed these assignments.
Here is how I completed that work: brainstorm, outline, research, draft, revised.
Evaluate your product and process
Here is what I learned and here is how I can improve: whatever
Complete assignment
Edited and revised
Focused and detailed
Coherent and well organized

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