Relevancy of media and communication theory

Relevancy of media and communication theory
Relevancy of media and communication theory

Relevancy of media and communication theory

Epistemology, ontology, axiology, phenomenology, and technology

Write a 5-6 page double-spaced essay for each of the following topics:
• Over the course of the semester we have discussed a number of repeated thematic
binaries: space/time, embodiment/disembodiment, form/content, hardware/
software, sender/receiver, reality/representation, producer/consumer.

Choose one of these and develop an essay that discusses how and why you think this theme is the most useful for understanding the relevancy of media and communication theory today and in the future.

In constructing your argument you must draw directly on content from JDP’s Speaking Into the Air as well as from at least two sources from the second half of the class.

• At the beginning of the semester you were introduced to 5 philosophical perspectives that can be used to understand the impact of media on society and our everyday lives—epistemology, ontology, axiology, phenomenology, and technology.

Choose one of these perspectives and compare and contrast readings from two separate weeks not already discussed in the previous essay. In your answer, use contemporary examples.

Your essays should be between 5-6 double spaced pages each. You do not need to cite any outside sources but if you do please adhere to APA formatting and citation standards. For course materials simply use in-text citation format as follows: (author,
page number). There are three Robert Babe articles, if you use more than one please differentiate by putting an “a” “b” or “c” after the page number.

Grading Criteria (out of 90):
• Grammar/Style (20 marks)
• Is your writing free of typos, grammatical mistakes, and syntax errors?
• Are you able to use proper punctuation?
• Are sentences and paragraphs structured purposively?
• Clarity (20 marks)
• Is your writing concise and clear?
• Do points flow together?
• Is your use of course concepts appropriate for your argument?
• Argument & Analysis (25 marks)
• Is your analysis nuanced and focused?
• Does it relate back to course themes/texts?
• Are you able to compare, contrast, and synthesize ideas?
• Appropriate Integration of Content (25 marks)
• Is your use of course contents specific and targeted?
• Is your use of course content appropriate for your analysis?
•Have you demonstrated that you have read and have attempted to understand course content?

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