Representation of Women in the Two Films

Representation of Women in the Two Films The two films are, “Where do we go Now” by Nadine Labaki and “A New Day in Old Sana’a” by Bader Ben Hirsi.

Representation of Women in the Two Films
Representation of Women in the Two Films

The essay should be written in “third person.”

This is an argumentative essay and thus MUST have a thesis/argument.

You are required to include additional opinions (e.g., the analysis provided through scholarly books and articles, and/or reviews appearing incredible electronic/print media) to back up your argument.

I expect examples from the reading materials that we have read thus far, as well as the outside sources, to make your points. You will see that integrating additional perspectives in your essay will make the writing process much smoother.


Representation of Women in the Two Films Women in Arab cinema

Choose at least two films to look carefully at the representation of women in cinematic images and/or the positions of women in film production.

Who are the directors of these films? Are they men working on issues relating to women, or are they women contributing to film making? Are the women in his/her film empowered, or are they viewed as commodities?

Do they succeed through female community? Is there a critique of gender oppression? Address the issues portrayed in these films, and evaluate the messages delivered by the directors.

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