Request for a Letter of Recommendation
Request for a Letter of Recommendation

Request for a Letter of Recommendation

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My assignment requires a paper written as a letter of recommendation. Sources/references aren’t needed. I’ll attach detailed instructions. Thank you


Request for a Letter of Recommendation

Name of the writer xxx

Address xxx



Date 19/7/2014

To the instructor

Florida International University

Address xxx

Dear Sir/Madam


I am delighted to seize the opportunity to write this letter to you, which is primarily aimed at requesting for your recommendation.  I have earned a scholarship at an international university and it is mandatory that I get a recommendation from an important figure in the course of my life, such as you. It is on this ground that I humbly make this request to enable me pursue my career and achieve my dreams.

My name is XXX; I have studied at Florida International University for the last four years, where you have been my instructor for the last two years. I have had a cordial working relationship with you for the period we have known each other. At one point, you gave me an opportunity to talk to elementary students on the use of drugs during an initiative dubbed, ‘giving back to the community’. The programme was one of the initiatives of the university to participate in corporate responsibility.

I am a dedicated and a hardworking individual. This is manifest from my exemplary performance in my studies as well as co-curricular activities.  I have won various awards at the university in different categories. I was awarded with a first class division in my studies. In addition, I received numerous awards in various categories in academics.  In co-curricular activities, I participated in athletics and managed to win two silver medals. I also participated in various programs at the university such as providing training and counseling services at the various high schools in the state.   As a leader of the university student body, I managed to spearhead an initiative geared at promoting creativity among the university students.  I also worked as a volunteer after my studies, with the United Nations for duration of three months. These opportunities allowed me to put in practice my skills and knowledge, as well as to learn more skills of working with others.  I came to embrace the spirit of teamwork and unity working together with my fellow colleagues. I am creative and embrace new ideas. Working as a volunteer with UN, I managed to develop a program that was adopted to help in reduction of poverty in the third world countries.

I would like the letter to be mailed to the director of foreign studies -University of Boston.  The board of the University has the mandate of reviewing the letter and ascertaining the authenticity of the information provided. The letter should reach the office before the end of the month on 29 July, 2014. The university is very strict on deadlines and any letter that is accessed after the date is cancelled. I have enclosed a preaddressed stamped envelope to facilitate the sending of the letter to the above-mentioned institution.

As I conclude, I would like to send my gratitude for taking your time to go through the letter and to provide a recommendation. I hope that this opportunity will impact on my studies and make me realize my dreams. I furthermore, extend my thanks in advance as I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I am available and you can reach me through my email or telephone number provided in case of any questions for clarification.

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely


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