Research Manuscript: Intervention Research Program

Research Manuscript: Intervention Research Program
Research Manuscript: Intervention Research Program

Research Manuscript: Intervention Research Program

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Research Manuscript
The final step in the Nine-Step model is disseminating your research findings on cooperative agreement for aids community based outreach /intervention research program. For this Discussion, please provide a summary of your research findings including the following:?

• Summarize the results of your findings from your research manuscript.

• Include the statistical analyses that you utilized and defend your selection.


Research Manuscript: Intervention Research Program

The research findings indicate that accessibility of information regarding the AIDS patients has currently been improved for a few select organizations, though for a long time this remained almost impossible. These organizations are entrusted to keep the secrecy level required to help avoid stigmatization of the patients. This makes the literature available very limited. As such, in overcoming the problem of insufficient or outdated data, the research mainly focused on the operations of National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

From the findings, according to NIDA (1995), the organization launched a multi-site program by 1990 with the intention of having direct contact with the people in order to enhance gathering of relevant information that could help in keeping the prevalence of the pandemic at a check. These programs were designed in such a way that the main workers were from the respective native communities in order to increase the level of trust and confidentiality. The operations and duties of the workers included the provision of safety protection gadgets such as condoms to the members of the society, as well as creating awareness to the members of the society.

In reaching out to the people, various techniques were used such as face-to-face communication, issuance of literature on the same, and distribution of bleach kits for sterilizing of the instruments that were used for injection. From the study, the program did not fully prohibit or go against the use of drugs, however, it mainly advocated for the use of drugs that did not require injection (Seal et al., 2010). The bleach kits were also provided to allow the users of injection materials to sterilize such materials. Data collection on the outcomes was then recorded to help in further analysis and probable recommendations.

The data collected for the activities on NADR program state that testing, guidance, and counselling services reached 79% of the people; the number of off-street counselling sessions that lasted for an hour were ranked at 89%; the flexibility of the program was rated at 72%; while the informative nature of the program was assessed to be at 73% (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1995). The bleaching of sharp objects was also demonstrated using the videos and this was rated at 61%.


National Institute on Drug Abuse. (1995). Cooperative Agreement for AIDS Community-Based Outreach/Intervention Research Program, 1990-Present. Rockville, Md.: NIDA.

Seal, D. W.,  MacGowan, R. J., Eldridge, G. D., Charania, M. R., & Margolis, A. D. (2010). Chapter 15: HIV behavioral interventions for incarcerated populations in the United States: A critical review. African American and HIV/AIDS: Understanding and Addressing the Epidemic. New York: Springer.

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