Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences
Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences

Research Corporate Culture, and identify two relevant scholarly research articles in your topic area.
For this activity, write a paper that analyzes the research.
Then, identify or discuss each of the following for each article:
1. One research hypothesis (many articles have more than one; pick the one that is the focus, or is of most interest to you). Given the research hypothesis,
what is the null hypothesis? Remember, depending on the article you are reading, the hypothesis may be implied.
2. In the context of this research study and the research hypothesis you stated in #1, assess Type I and Type II error. What does it mean to commit each type of error for this research hypothesis? In the context of this study, is one more ?serious? or ?harmful? than the other?
3. What is the probability of making a Type I error? How did you determine this?
4. Did the author conduct a power analysis to determine optimal sample size? If so, what is the target? If not, do you believe the study contained enough
participants to drawn meaningful results? Why or why not?
5. Do the results support or refute the stated research hypothesis? Do you agree with the conclusions? Why or why not?
6. Discuss (in your own words) limitations to the study. Are there any that you can identify that are not mentioned?
Be sure to submit a link to or a copy of each article to your instructor, along with your paper.

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