Othello’s fall Research paper Available

Othello's fall
                        Othello’s fall

Write a 3000 – 4000 word essay that focuses on “adaptations of Othello from 1908 to 2012, including Orson Welles’ 1952 and Oliver Parker’s 1995 versions
but also the films that are built on the Shakespearean plot but prefer not to use Shakespeare’s text, such as O, directed by Tim Blake Nelson in 2001. (You
may) also focus on less full-fledged versions of Othello… (and) references to the play on all kinds of screens (TV, cinema, computer).”

This description comes from Shakespeare on Screen: Othello, a conference of scholars that met in France in 2012, and your task is to write a paper that might be accepted to that conference. The conference announcement goes on to suggest several possible approaches:

  • how the play is (textually, aesthetically, ideologically, etc.) transformed when directed for the screen;
  • what each adaptation reveals about the culture in which it is set;
  • how Shakespeare’s playscript (or plot) interacts with national ideologies and representations
  • how the screen versions have been influenced and shaped by previous theatre productions;
  • how gender and racial issues are treated on screen.

Follow your own interests; there’s no one right way to write your paper as long as it includes an introduction, a review of literature, an argument that
supports your thesis, a conclusion, and a works cited page in MLA format. Just keep in mind that you’re writing to participate in a scholarly conversation;
your paper should address claims made by other scholars and make an attempt to contribute your own perspective to our conversation on Othello.

We watch some films about Othello, here is the list

  • Othello (1952 film) Orson Welles
  • A Double Life (1947) George Cukor
  • Othello (1995 film) Oliver Parker
  • O (2001 film) Tim Blake Nelson

I will upload my class packages, there are some essays talk about these films, my instructor let me according to these essasy and other scholars source u can find on website, library and so on.

There are two blog guides from my instructor can help u narrow the topics

Blog 8: Review of Literature
We’ve looked at hundreds of claims from eight different essays about film adaptations of Othello. Now it’s time to determine which critical conversation interests you. Identify a general discussion area that shows what several scholars have already said about an aspect of Othello that interests you. Write one or two paragraphs (at least 300 words) that lets us “listen” to that critical conversation. This is the first draft of a critical section of your research paper.

Hint: the Review of Literature in the sample research paper (“A Bogus Hero” by Nicholas Jones) is at the bottom of the second page.

Blog 7
Time to narrow your research project down to a topic! Look over the list of claims you posted for Blog 6, as well as the claims posted by others, and try to
identify three or four claims that speak to a topic that interests you. Write a few informal paragraphs today about that topic, the claims that relate to it,
and any additional claims relating to the topic that you can find through research. If you have an idea of what you’d like to say in response to these
claims, go ahead and include your thoughts. This is a rough draft for next week’s Review of Literature assignment; go ahead and do the hard, thinking work
now. Finally, make sure you include the MLA in-text citation for the sources you quote and paraphrase. (Note: If you find additional claims through research
and the sources aren’t yet posted on the site, post them. This is a good week to get caught up on your resource points.)

***Suggested comments: Look for other students who chose a similar topic as your own and challenge the assumptions they make or point out logical fallacy problems or questions raised by
their posts.

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