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Research statistic

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• A manager at a small organization is interested in determining the impact of the recent company outing to Camp Feel-Good on job satisfaction. She would like to compare those who attended and completed the individual and team building exercises during the weekend event to those who did not attend, without making any assumptions regarding which group will have higher job satisfaction. A job satisfaction survey is administered 1 month after the event to 40 employees (20 who attended and 20 who did not attend). The survey is a 10 item Liker scale measure (scale: 1=”Very Dissatisfied” to 5=”Very Satisfied”) with a range of total scores from 10-50, where the higher the score, the greater the level of job satisfaction.


Research statistic

The small organization’s manager wanted to determine the effects the company outing to the Camp Feel-Good had on job satisfaction. Some people attended and completed some team building and individual exercises as the weekend event was going on, while others never attended. The two groups were compared in the absence of assumptions about the group likely to have the highest job satisfaction. Forty employees engaged in this research, where half had attended while the other half had not. A likert scale measure with ten items was during and the total score was to be ten to fifty, where a higher score meant a greater job satisfaction level (Conference Board, 2013).

Definitely, the twenty employees who participated in the outing are likely to report higher job satisfaction levels using the likert scale. This is based on the fact that the employees in a company are among the most vital assets. Therefore, managing them appropriately can make them happy and productive. In the first place, the outing is an indication of organizational support, recognition as vital components of the company, and using the likert scale after the outing is an indication that the company wants to get feedback from the employees. These are vital aspects that make the employees highly motivated (Conference Board, 2013). The outing would also need the employees to be flexible as most are conducted during work days, and this indicates that the management believes in the employees. In addition, an outing is a good way for the life-work balance, which highly motivates the employees (Conference Board, 2013).  Attending the event is also a good opportunity for the employees to socialize and converse with the colleagues they might not have interacted with, which promotes the positive, intended impact on employee job satisfaction.


Conference Board. (2013). Determinants of Job Satisfaction. New York: The Conference Board, Inc.

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