Research Theory & Skills for Sport Management Module

Research Theory & Skills for Sport Management Module
Research Theory & Skills for Sport Management Module

Research Theory & Skills for Sport Management Module

Research Theory & Skills for Sport Management Module

Instructions to Students:

• Standard report format using the following headings: Title page; Abstract; Contents Page; Introduction; Literature Review;
Method; Results; Discussion; Conclusions; Recommendations; Reference list; Appendices.

• The report should be word processed using Times New Roman font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. The word count should be clearly stated at the end of the report.

• Word count is 3000 (+/- 100 words)

• You must provide a reference list at the end of report which includes at least 5 peer-reviewed academic journals. The sources must also be clearly used within the text using the Harvard reference system.

This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:
• Apply the relevant academic skills and knowledge to produce an industry business project.

The Assignment Task:

Write a word-processed 3000 word (+/- 100 words) business report based on your original project proposal as identified in Coursework 1.Assessment


• Accurate compliance with instructions; ie correct use of standard report; appropriate word count; bound, word processed document with title page; deadlines met. (One mark for each) 5 %???
• Abstract: It is concise, summarize all the main findings, outlines the research method/approach used in this project (5 %) (approximately 100 words)
• Introduction: The topic is clearly stated and defined with a clear overall purpose. Key terms are defined and background information is provided. Research question and objectives for the project are clear, relevant and coherent. (10 %)
• Literature review: Comprehensive range of relevant literature has been used. The literature clearly links to relevant theory and/or concepts of relevant academic disciplines. Sources are up to date. The literature review gives evidence of an evaluative, more critical approach. 15 %
• Method: Practical aspects of the research design are explained (e.g. quantitative or qualitative, sample size and type, data collection procedures, justification of the type of data collection used, data preparation/analysis method used – for questionnaires, do the appendices contain a data summary sheet, a sample questionnaire and details of any statistical analysis undertaken? For interviews, do the appendices contain data collected and analysed such as interview transcripts? Document analysis should include all relevant sources used in data collection (10 %)
• Results: Presentation of results is clear for the reader to follow. Results are clearly linked to the research question.
Sensible choice of tables and charts with clear headings, title and labels. Results are presented without discussion. (10 %)
• Discussion: Clear evaluation and discussion of results. Well presented discussion and evaluation of findings with clear links to the research question/objectives, academic concepts/theory, relevant literature and results. Limitations of the research are identified. Overall, the analysis and discussion is more evaluative rather than simply descriptive in approach (20 %)
• Conclusions and recommendations: The conclusions and recommendations follow on from main findings. There is a clear reference to the research question. Coherent overview of project presented. (10 %) ? ???
• Harvard Referencing: Correct use and variety (eg academic text books, journals) of academic references using the Harvard referencing system in-text. (5 %)
• Reference list: Meticulous presentation of reference list presented at the end of the report in Harvard style. At least 10 relevant academic sources are used (5 %)
• Clarity and accuracy of English use: i.e punctuation and spelling, appropriate use of vocabulary; appropriate academic style. (5 %)

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