Resiliency perspective Case Study Paper

Resiliency perspective
                    Resiliency perspective

Resiliency perspective

This discussion aligns with Learning Outcome 1 and Learning Outcome 2.

Review your Chapter 2 reading of the Hector and His Family Case Study.

Hector, age 19, is a student at Mid-city Community College (MCC), the largest community college in the state. He is there on a scholarship for soccer. The counseling center at MCC referred Hector to you. He was initially seeing a counselor at the school because of adjustment and academic problems. Hector also tested positive for cannabis in a required drug screen by the athletic department. The soccer coach considers Hector, a star player. The coach wants him “fixed” and to receive passing grades in his classes so that he is eligible to play.

Hector considers himself of multiracial background; his father is Mexican-American, and his mother is Caucasian. They met while serving in the first Gulf War. Hector’s father, Julian, has struggled since the war due to Gulf War Illness, experiencing fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, and so on. Because of his medical issues, employment has been unsteadied, contributing to financial difficulties for the family. Carol, Hector’s mother, returned to school after her military service, received a degree in education and works as an elementary school teacher. The MCC counseling center described Carol as a “helicopter mom.” Even before Calvin, the outpatient center counselor met with Hector or completed confidentiality releases, Carol called and left three messages. Carol is overwhelmed with the care of her husband and their four children. Hector is the oldest. Hector’s only opportunity for a college education is to maintain his athletic scholarship. His high school grades were slightly below average. He was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school; however, Hector states that he does not like how he feels on Ritalin. He says that marijuana is the only thing that calms him down. He is anxious to get Calvin to state that there is no substance-abuse problem and to return to playing soccer and living the rest of his life.

Initial Post

Read the assigned materials and resources for this module that present the resiliency perspective. Next, name and discuss those risk and protective factors that may be relevant to Hector’s family and show how could this information be used to help Hector and his family.

links to resources:

InBrief: The Science of Resilience

Book: Developing Helping Skills: A Step by Step Approach to Competency

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