Risk Management in healthcare

Risk Management in healthcare
Risk Management is an essential component of every healthcare organization. It is another component of the healthcare system that requires collaboration with the Quality Director/Manager in order to facilitate the identification of opportunities for improvement. The key is to proactively identify potential areas of concern (Failure Modes Affect Analysis is a helpful tool) prior to a negative event occurring. rather than waiting for something to occur and having to conduct a Root cause Analysis (RCA)> Risk Management in healthcare
Additionally, It is a very litigious society in which healthcare related errors present a high-risk for exposure. Please develop two situations/incidents in any type of healthcare arena that could potentially result in a litigation. Describe what occurred and how. How would you respond to the patient and/or family members? Is there is any way to mitigate the situation? How or what interventions could you implement to prevent this scenario from reoccurring?
Risk Management in healthcare

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