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Role of a researcher
Role of a researcher

Role of a researcher

Role of a researcher

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The writer will started this paper by explaining in one paragraph who is a researcher using in text citations and a reference to support his explanations and then will proceed to the second part which is the annotated bibliography. And please follow the roles of written an annotated bibliography when completing that part of the paper.

Part 1 (one paragraph)

What do you think is the role of the researcher?

Part 2

Annotated Bibliography

Provide three additional references related to your Doctoral Study topic (The Effects of HRM Practices on Employee Performance) in annotated bibliography format and synthesize these three references into a component of the doctoral study rubric (ex. Nature of study, literature review, etc.) Please follow the format of written an annotated bibliography when completing this part of this paper.


Annotated Bibliography 

Role of a researcher

Theoretically, the role of a researcher is non-existent in quantitative studies (Woods, 1999). The participants act separate of the researcher, there are efforts to remove subjectivity and biases, and if repeated by others, the similar results should be yielded. In qualitative studies, the researcher has a cardinal role of gathering data. He should also describe relevant features of the self, including any assumptions and biases, experiences to qualify her ability of conducting research, and ant expectations (Rumsey, 2008).  He should keep a journal indicating personal reflections and reactions, insights into past and self, and how bracketing will occur. He has to elaborate if his role is etic or emic. He also seeks to create a picture using theories and ideas from different sources (Gorard, 2001).

Annotated bibliography

Akhter, M., Siddique, N., & Alam, A. (2013). HRM Practices and its Impact on Employee Performance: A Study of the Cement Industry in Bangladesh. Global Disclosure of Economics and Business, 2(2).

This research study was founded on the idea that in the current situation, companies may acquire strong competitive advantage if they apply efficient and effective human resource practices, and proper management. The study aimed at assessing the effects of human resource management practices in employee performance using the Bangladesh cement industry context. The researchers tried investigating the effects of different HRM practices components on employee performance using 160 workers from 7 cement companies that were listed in Dhaka Stock exchange. After a regression analysis, it was established that effective human resources management increase employees performance.

Al-Qudah, H. M. A., Osman, A., & Al-Qudah. H. M. (2014). The Effect Of Human Resource Management Practices On Employee Performance. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 3(9), 129- 134.

The aim of the study was examining HRM practices effect on employee performance in MSI (Malaysian Skills Institute). Factors that affect compensation, selection, and recruitment towards performance of employees in MSI were explored. There were forty participants from MSI. Data was gathered using questionnaire and SPSS, correlation analysis, and descriptive statistics were used for analysis. The researchers established that compensation, selection, and recruitment correlated significantly with the performance of employees in MSI. The researchers offered relevant recommendations.

Tabiu, A., & Nura, A. A. (2013). Assessing The Effects Of Human Resource Management Practices On Employee Job Performance: A Study Of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly 5(2), 248- 259.

This study was founded on the desire of companies to achieve more though with less resources, and the increasing dedication to HRM practices improvement globally. The researchers assessed HRM practices impacts on the job performance of employees in Sokoto, Usmanu Danfodiyo University. The researchers came to the conclusion that not all HRM practices correlated significantly to employee job performance. They recommend that reviewing the HRM practices regularly can help a lot.


Gorard, S. (2001). Quantitative methods in educational research: The role of numbers made easy. London: Continuum.

Rumsey, S. (2008). How to find information: A guide for researchers. Maidenhead, England: Open University Press.

Woods, P. (1999). Successful writing for qualitative researchers. London: Routledge.

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