Roles religion plays in American politics

Roles religion plays in American politics
   Roles religion plays in American politics

Roles religion plays in American politics

I plan to address how specific religious groups can be motivated to vote according to ideology, such as Christians voting in favor of “pro-life” candidates. I will also address cases where issues of social significance might cause religious groups to vote “against” their ideology. Archbishop Timothy Broglio said of President Obama’s 2008 win, “most people did not vote for Obama because of his position on abortion, but in spite of it.” (Duin, Julia. “Catholic Voting Tied to Economy.” Washington Times, The). Obama also received overwhelming Muslim support, despite his position on homosexuality. I also plan to address religion’s impact on public education, especially the ongoing legal battle over creationism in schools. While on the topic of schools, I’d like to spend some time looking at the history and current status of prayer in American schools. I would also like to specifically address some “hot button” constitutional issues. We frame our existence in an ongoing series of complicated rituals that enable our existence physically and give it meaning metaphysically, spiritually and ecumenically. The laws and precepts in the U.S. were largely written by puritanical or at least Puritans white males. While some of our founders may not have fully embraced these ideals, many were, at the very least heavily exposed to the Judeo-Christian value system. In the U.S. many seem to embrace the fact that we have the oldest constitution. I’m not so sure that operating by a document created in 100 working days, 230 years ago is an achievement. Similarly, a dogmatic belief that the Christian Bible, Hebrew Bible, or Muslim Quran, as they exist today, are (respectively) 100% the inspired word of God, would have some interesting and observable effects on your worldview.

Professor: Very ambitious project. Just be sure to include all the instructions require:

Your paper should discuss at least two of the traditions discussed, possibly referring to more.

  • Your paper should discuss at least four (again, preferably more) of Smart’s six dimensions of religion (doctrinal, mythic, ethical, ritual, experiential, social)
  • Your paper should acknowledge at least two (more are preferred) of the worldviews discussed in Smart, chapter 2.

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