Rwanda Genocide Research Paper Available

Rwanda Genocide
                 Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide

Genocidal Overview, Formation, and Atrocity forecasting for Rwanda

  • The Institution that perpetuates the injustice
  • The minority group most affected by the injustice
  • The negative outcomes or personal consequences suffered by those who are targeted
  • The cost/s of this injustice to society (financial, loss of human capital/resources)
  • Solutions or alternatives to the problem/s that you have identified: new policies, legislation, social movements, public opinion

Students will be required to submit a 5-6-page essay on their selected topic. They must use at least 3 recent scholarly sources as explained on page 21 of the Hacker and Sommers Manual. You may use government websites in addition to their scholarly sources to quote statistics. All sources must be cited in-text and students must submit a separate reference list.

  • The APA Manual of Style required for this course will be the only APA source used to grade this assignment.
  • All written work is to be typed using 12 font, one inch margins and double spacing.
  • Please utilize grammar and spell check before submitting your paper.


  • Please note that an essay is a continuous flowing paper.
  • Your writing should reflect a sequential thought process.
  • There are no section headers or sub-section headers in an essay.

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