Safe Water access in London Essay Paper

Safe Water access in London
Safe Water access in London

Safe Water access in London

My choosing topic is (safe water access in London) I want to promote that people should drink tap water instead of buying bottle water.(with a Harvard Referencing style) put my (ID number to it 313593)

  • Common points of feedback when completing the artefact.
  •  Issue – do not be too broad in your focus
  •  Target population – who are you targeting? Which area the poster is it going to be display at hospital, school, company and so on. Is the poster for adult or children the type of language should be checked? Background colour
  • You don not have to mention your targeting audience in your artefact
  • Aims/objective – what is your health promotion activity trying to achieve?
  • What health promotion approach are you using?
  •  What are the causes and contributory factors?
  • What are the key issues and who are most affected?
  • You can use imagery if necessary (free imagery)
  • What could be done to tackle the issue?
  • How will the artefact type reach your target population and help to achieve your aim?

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