Sales and marketing Coursework Assignment

Sales and marketing
                              Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Activity 1: Team discussion – Advertising Elements

Teams work together using their worksheets on Marketing, Customer, and Business Strategy to develop a consensus model for their company.

Each member should present their completed worksheet and then through negotiation and discussion the team will decide on one strategy. This will provide the basis for the advertising campaign.

Team should fill out a separate consensus form electronically and email to all members for later reference.

Activity 2: Designing the Advertising Campaign

Teams will work to design their advertising campaign for a new line of product or service for their company. Members should draw on information learned during the Task.

Some additional starting points include:

The 8 Steps of an Advertising Campaign
How to Design an Advertising Campaign

The campaign should be specific to the company and product/service, be based on the brand, be realistic and achievable for the company, financially responsible, and include at least 5 different modes of reaching the intended audience.

As a team read this article before you go too far – Promotional Campaign vs Advertising.

Activity 3: Case Studies on Play-Doh and Lego

As a team read the case studies on Play-Doh and Lego. Analyze their social media use in advertising.

Focus on:

1. What does each company do? What products are they marketing and advertising?
2. What are their advertising strategies?
3. How is social media used to enhance their presence and connection to the customer?
4. How do they use technology?
5. What are the effects?

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