Sales Management Essay Assignment Paper

Sales Management
                                 Sales Management

Sales Management

Class Project / Sales Presentation MRKT 3307 (240 points)

  1. This is an individual project.
  2. The student is required to follow the guideline as much as possible.
  3. All sources used should be cited in a bibliography.
  4. Absolutely no plagiarism. You work will be run through a plagiarism software program.
  5. The project is not to be written as an essay, but like a project report.
  6. It should be in a word document.
  7. Font: Times Roman New and font sized 12, double space, no minimum number of pages, just make sure you cover all or near all parts mentioned in the outline.

Topics to be covered


Cumulative points

  1. Identify the product or service that you wish to sell for a real or new corporation and the areas/target markets (at least two) where you would like to sell.

What is expected:

Define the product/service and the define the target markets. The definition of the target market may include size, and value, geographical numbers, etc.

  1. Develop a Sales organization structure for a territory.

What is expected:

The structure is explained in the book – Chapter 4.

  1. Do the basic forecasting; explain how you concluded the figures in this section.

What is expected:

The forecasting does not have to be based on statistical analysis, but rather use some figures from past or estimate a potential.

  1. Recruitment and Selection process for all Sales employees.

What is expected:

The Chap 5 explains this well.

  1. Develop a plan to train and develop the Sales force.

What is expected:

Chap 6 needs to be used for this. Also, explain the rationale you have used for choosing the plan for development of the Salesforce.

  1. Delineate the motivation and reward system.

What is expected:

You are expected to read and use chap 8, but need to explain the reason for your choices.

  1. Performance evaluation plan.

What is expected:

You are expected to develop an evaluation plan including criteria, and also components and weights on each criteria.

I think it would be neat to make the product or service to be a bakery!

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