Self-control & general theory of crime Essay Paper

Self-control & general theory of crime
  Self-control & general theory of crime

Self-control & general theory of crime

Title: Literature review: self-control theory/general theory of crime

Choose a criminology theory of your choice, and write a 4 page double spaced literature review/research paper on that topic. Literature reviews identify major themes associated with a topic, and demonstrate the agreement and disagreement that may exist on the topic in terms of theoretical concepts and research findings. Therefore, a well constructed literature review should contain the following: description of the main concepts of the theory, the history of development of the theory, strengths and weaknesses of the theory, any research findings that show why the theory does not fully explain certain types of crime or leaves certain questions about crime unanswered, any crimes/victimization experiences it explains the best, and a description of some of the specific research findings. Paper must also have a conclusion that summarizes the important aspects of existing knowledge on that topic. This involves using the databases on the website and google scholar to find peer reviewed research articles to create the paper. I will post an outline that you can follow to construct the literature review.

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