Self-Directed Research Paper Available

Self-Directed Research Paper
     Self-Directed Research Paper

Self-Directed Research Paper

Monsters Quote

Your Task:we create our own monster and we fear them for what they show us about ourselves


For this assignment, you will write a research paper of at least 2000 words on a topic of your choice that is connected to the class theme of “Monsters.”


Fictional: Look at a fictional movie, TV episode, music video, or piece of media and do a close analysis of the “monster/villain”

Historical: Look at a real-life dictator, serial killer, scientist, social network, etc. and do an analysis of the coverage of the person.

Scientific: Look at modern science e.g. cloning, Crispr, genetic modification etc. and decide whether that type of science is creating modern heroes or monsters.

Current events: Do a deep dive on a current event like border control, politics, make-up, sports, and analyze whether your topic is helping society or harming it?

The Steps:

Pick an issue related to the broad theme of “monsters” that interest you e.g something from the class or Frankenstein’s Cat.

Narrow down the topic to something you can cover in 2000+ words e.g. “Is it ethical to conduct cloning research for profit?” or “What modern fear does the monster in Birdboxrepresent?”

Read articles and books, and watch some media clips that interest you on that topic. Make sure to get sources you agree and disagree with

Put your sources on your source list. You must use the sources in the Annotated Bibliography.

After doing a little research, develop your topic on your issue develop a hypothesis. Basically, take a stand on how your topic impacts the local community. Hint: This will turn into your thesis.

This project will culminate in your research paper.

Essay Task:

Write a 2000+ argumentative analysis research paper, written in response to a research question of your choice about monsters.

Essay Requirements:

An introduction that provides context on the topic, eases the reader into your essay and has a hook that grabs people’s attention.

A thesis statement or controlling idea that takes a strong stand and is narrow enough to cover within the page limit e.g. if your umbrella topic is The nudism movement promotes a healthy body image you would have to narrow that down into a more focused topic that fits into that larger topic.

Research is a secondary concern and personal voice is first.

Transitional topic sentences that are clear, provocative, develop your thesis, and provide unity in your essay.

Body paragraphs that have a transition, a topic sentence, multiple examples, and a concluding sentence.

You must use research that you used in Essay #4

The Quote Sandwich model (lead-in, quote, and analysis of quote) must be used with each quote.

Some analysis of all your supporting examples.

A conclusion that offers some ideas about what can be done about the situation.

Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated.

MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page are required for this paper.


o 2000+ words (about 8+ pages).THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE WORKS CITED PAGE!

o Size 12 Times New Roman Font

o Have: Name, Class, Date, Assignment, and Topic in upper left-hand corner.

o A title that is not GENERIC

o Paper MUST follow MLA format and MLA citation guidelines.

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