Self Esteem and Self Compassion

Self Esteem and Self Compassion The attached video was taken from a Ted Talk by Dr. Kristin Neff on self-esteem and self-compassion. Please critique this video. A critique is not to be confused with a summary.

Self Esteem and Self Compassion
Self Esteem and Self Compassion

To that end, please critically evaluate this talk… do you agree with Dr. Neff and her major points or do you disagree? Regardless of your position, please back up your points with well-formulated arguments. Why is self-esteem so critical for psychological health? what are your thoughts about Dr. Neff’s comment that high self-esteem is not necessarily a good thing, but depends on how you obtained it? Do you agree with Dr. Neff’s point about being "average"? Discuss your thoughts about self-talk and language that she briefly touches upon. In other words, why is language so important for self-esteem and self-compassion? Finally, is negative self-criticism always a bad thing?

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