Self-Portraits Facing Death Comparison Essay

Self-Portraits Facing Death
Self-Portraits Facing Death

Self-Portraits Facing Death

Compare and Contrasts these 3 paintings about Self-Portraits Facing Death.
Pablo Picasso, Last Self-Portrait, 1972
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Riding with Death, 1988
Keith Haring, Unfinished Panting, 1990

– Introduction: introduce the theme of your project giving enough background and contextual information. This part should be the map of your essay. Answer the questions: What is it that you are going to discuss (the theme)? How are you going to discuss it?
– Analysis of the paintings: the first time you mention each painting fully identify it with the name of the artist, title and date. Give some biographical information of the artist and some information about the historical background (socio-political) of the painting, find out the style of the painting, explain who commissioned it, the intentions of the artists and patrons, the positive or negative reception of the artwork, the function, etc. It is important that you show that you understood the intrinsic meaning of the paintings. Go over the focus questions of each of the methodologies studied in class and answer those that you think are more relevant to your theme
– Order of the paintings: there needs to be an internal order in your essay so organize the analysis of your paintings in a specific way, one that you find meaningful
– Conclusion: wrap up your essay with a long and meaningful summary of your findings, comparing and contrasting the different takes of the paintings on the theme of the project
– Use in-text citations: MLA citation style, Chicago-style, or any other is good, as long as you use it consistently along the paper. Regardless the system of citation that you use, add the list of bibliographical sources at the end of the paper.

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