Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography

Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography Application 2 – Annotated Bibliography
As part of your doctoral seminar for this set of weeks, you are participating in a seminar-style discussion about the weekly topics.

Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography
Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography

Recall that you were
asked to address 5 of the Required Resources and at least 5 additional resources from the Walden Library and to incorporate them into your posting. As a
related exercise, submit an annotated bibliography of the 10 resources that you referred to this week.

Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography Essay Paper Requirement

For each entry, be sure to address the following as a
•Include the full APA citation.
•Discuss the scope of the resource.
•Discuss the purpose and philosophical approach.
•Discuss the underlying assumptions.
•If referring to a research reporting article, present the methodology.
•Relate the resource to the body of resources you have consulted in this course.
•Discuss any evident limitations and opportunities for further inquiry.

Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography Required Resources

•Ainamo, A., Artto, K., Levitt, R. E., Orr, R. J., Scott, W. R., & Tainio, R. (2017). Global projects: Strategic perspectives. Scandinavian Journal of
Management, 26(4), 343-351.
Retrieved from ScienceDirect Database.
This article explores the importance of planning projects strategically with reference to cultural norms and factors. The authors argue that this competency
is especially important in today’s global environment.
•Fasano, F., & Oliveto, R. (2015). Supporting project management with fine-grained artefact management in ADAMS. International Journal of Computers &
Applications, 31(3), 145-152.
Retrieved from Computers and Applied Sciences Complete Database.
Fasano and Oliveto examine a particular web-based software system which is notable for its flexibility in tracking and scheduling complex projects.
•Jin-Lee, K. (2017). Improved genetic algorithm for resource-constrained scheduling of large projects. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 36(6), 1016-
Retrieved from Computers and Applied Sciences Complete Database.
This article presents new methodologies for using project management software to schedule projects with sever resourcing problems.
•Lee, M. R. (2016). E-ethical leadership for virtual project teams. International Journal of Project Management, 27(5), 456-463.
Retrieved from ScienceDirect database.
Lee presents several different ethical frameworks in order to examine their utility to managing online or virtual project teams. The project manager is
positioned as an important ethical leader in virtual environments.
•Pan, G., & Pan, S. L. (2016). Transition to IS project de-escalation: An exploration into management executives’ influence behaviors. IEEE Transactions on
Engineering Management, 58(1), 109-123.
Retrieved from IEEE explore Database.
This article presents a case study as a means of analyzing methodologies for managing failing software projects through influence. Methods for influencing
project stakeholders to redirect or correct failing projects are suggested.
•Rai, A., Maruping, L. M., & Venkatesh, V. (2017). Offshore information systems project success: The role of social embeddedness and cultural
characteristics. MIS Quarterly, 33(3), 617-A7.
Retrieved from Computers and Applied Sciences Complete Database.
The authors investigate the complications that arise in offshore projects and use data from an extensive study to investigate effects of cultural and social
factors on project success.
•Reed, A. H., & Knight, L. V. (2017). Project risk differences between virtual and co-located teams. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 51(1), 19-30.
Retrieved from Business Source Complete Database.
Reed and Knight differentiate between the sorts of risks faced by traditional and virtual project teams. They analyze the ‘magnifier effect,’ which they
claim adversely affects virtual teams.

Seminar Discussion Annotated Bibliography Optional Resources

•Iacovou, C. L., & Nakatsu, R. (2017). A risk profile of offshore-outsourced development projects. Communications of the ACM, 51(6), 89-94.
Retrieved from Business Source Complete Database.
•Jones, M. C. (2008). Large scale project team building: Beyond the basics. Communications of the ACM, 51(10), 113-116.
Retrieved from Business Source Complete Database.

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