Sexism can be Dangerous to Society Discussion

Sexism can be Dangerous to Society Discussion Does the introduction provide a good overview of the topic that will be explored?

Sexism can be Dangerous to Society Discussion
Sexism can be Dangerous to Society Discussion

Does it have an interesting hook or lead-in?
2) Does the essay have a creative, interesting title?
3) Is there a clearly stated, precise thesis statement?
4) Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea of the paragraph?
5) Are the ideas in each paragraph clearly organized around the topic sentences? Does the writing flow coherently from one idea to the next?
6) Does the essay use transitions that help the essay flow smoothly (for example, for instance, next, finally…) ?
7) Does the body of the essay fully discuss the ideas presented in the thesis statement using supporting examples and details?
8) Is there an effective conclusion?
9) Are there recurring errors in grammar, punctuation, or mechanics that disrupt the flow of what the essay is attempting to communicate?
10) Is there at least one research source incorporated into the paper to help make the point?
11) Has the paper avoided plagiarism by using MLA style in-text citations?
12) Does the essay have an MLA Works Cited page?
13) Is the essay composed using the MLA style of formatting (double-spacing throughout, proper heading, indentations for each new paragraph, etc.)?
14) Has the essay been PROOFREAD? Is it neatly organized and presented?
15) Has the paper been looked over by the Academic Support Center at least three times?

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